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Happy Birthday To You!!!!!

APRIL 3, 1999

It's your special day today!!!

Well, Sar, you're a WHOLE year older, now! You're getting grey hair, losing half of it, and you're even losing your memory! What's gonna happen when you hit 18? Gonna go totally bald? I certainly hope not! Anyway, I hope you have the most amazing birthday EVER, and make sure you have fun, k? As for me, hopefully, I'll see you Monday, and give "it" to you =)

Make a wish (to marry Mike Johnson)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1...2.......3.......... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made the midi file you're (hopefully) listening to right now. Just in case you can't hear it, here's a link to it:

Thanks for being such a good best friend, Sar!

luv Stomi