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Coming soon: Some pictures from when I visited the ACC! Still taking requests! E-mail them to me!
Well, upon Sarah, er.. Sarjo's request, here are some Mike Johnson pics!
(She insists it would make the site better!!)

johnsonmug.gif (18230 bytes)    

There's the mugshot...

 johnsondeke.jpg (26835 bytes)

And here's Mike whizzing around a goalie right before an amazing goal! Alright Mikie!


And here are some pics of Steve Sullivan, for my cuz, if she sees this site. Hi Janet!

sullivanmug.gif (17289 bytes)
sully.jpg (37286 bytes)

First the mug, then the nice goal. Good goin' Sully!


build.jpg (21494 bytes)

Here's a glimpse of the building while it was being built...

faceoff.jpg (17565 bytes)

And here are the 48th Highlander's on opening night at the Gardens.
They continue this tradition EVERY year to this date.
mlg1.gif (56945 bytes)
mlg2.gif (51681 bytes)
Here are some pics of how the Gardens *USED* to look, a little while ago...
Please visit the official Leafs site for a glimpse of how it looked before it closed.